Why Green™ energy saving lamps?

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Green™ energy saving lamp is suitable for homes, offices, stores, restaurants, public buildings, hospitals, hotels, factories, etc.

Why Green™ energy saving lamps?

Save up to 80% of energy compare to standard incandescent lamp:

High Luminous efficacy, approximately 5 times brighter than conventional incandescent lamp.

Applicable to most of the fixtures. Green™ energy saving lamps available in different shape, watts, voltage, shapes, color, base
, including LED lamps and anion energy saving lamp.

Long life of 5 years. (Calculated based on 4 hours per day). Adopts latest manufacturing technology that combined superior lighting quality, durability, safety and energy efficiency.

Green™ guarantees its product quality and durability. For product that fails to perform properly as a result of product defect in non-commercial application and environment during warranty period, Green™ guarantees replacement for it.

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