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With experienced team members from China, Taiwan and Malaysia across various industries in China and well-versed with the sophisticated business culture, STC extends its services to product sourcing riding on the advantages of having wide and comprehensive networks and experiences in China.

Over the years, STC has successfully source various products on behalf of customer including electronics and electrical products, cable and carrier tapes, food products, packaging and printing materials and etc, for use in China or outside China.

Until today, STC has achieved numerous successful track records of sourcing similar products for clients at 5% ~ 30% cheaper.

Our strengths and uniqueness
A lot of trade efforts with China’s products and suppliers often result in dissatisfaction because of various reasons, mainly product quality and miscommunication problems.

Therefore, with our years of experience, STC has established an evaluation and monitoring system to ensure the product quality. All necessary precautions to ensure product quality will be executed, including inspection of production process, raw materials quality and product testing. That’s how we eliminate and minimize the losses of defective products and waste of time.

We tend to side our customer more throughout the entire buying process. All requisitions and concerns of customers will be addressed precisely. That’s how we always present the highest quality of products to our customers. From the past to the future, we always strive to do better.

Beside our stringent quality control system, we also have an in-depth understanding of the followings:

China business culture
STC members used to be General Manager / senior manager of manufacturing and trading company, and in charge of overall business operation since 1989. That’s why we know China business environment and culture thoroughly.

Chinese language
We use fluent Mandarin and English to negotiate business and create win-win situation for both parties. We believe long-term business relationship requires mutual understanding and sincerity.

Government rules and regulation
Comprehensive understanding of business related rules and regulations, for instance: value added tax system (VAT), import and export, labour law and etc, are added strengths of STC.

How to achieve cost efficient
Being experienced and responsible managers, we know how to justify the cost and quality. That’s how we perform the monitoring and controlling on behalf of customers at their standards and requirements.

With STC’s excellent associate network in China’s major cities, i.e. Beijing, ShangHai, Wuhan, ZheJiang and Fujian, STC is able to execute its customers’ orders and requirements at a faster pace and reliable manner.

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