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Smart Tech Corporation (STC) is an energy saving lamp manufacturer that specializes in producing and dealing with range of energy saving lamps. Having its production line in Zhejiang province, China, STC established its sales office in Hong Kong and Malaysia to cater for International development needs.

With a complete range of different types, sizes and watt, STC is offering its energy-friendly products to industrial, commercial and home sectors. From 2u, 3u, 4u, to half spiral and full spiral; from anion series to LED series (MR 16, T8), STC provides more options for peoples to create a green environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

To achieve highest efficacy standard and meet the International requirements, STC adopts stringent International quality control standard to benchmark its production process and quality control. The core technology is imported from Japan/Taiwan. The QC and production process are managed by a team of senior technician and manager from Taiwan.

Over the years, STC has been honoured with recognition from different customers all over the worlds for its stable product quality and trustworthy reputation. STC is different from other manufacturers, because STC strongly believes only reliable quality and goodwill make a company survive for long, and that’s what STC aims to accomplish. Nothing else but only the quality and goodwill makes STC what it is today.

To-date, STC exports 95% of its products to United
States, Japan, Australia and South East Asia countries.

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