Mosquito Repellent (T3/T4)

. Saturday

Energy Saving Light Bulbs- CFL Series -Mosquito Repellent (T3/T4)

  • Adopt special lighting materials that emit electromagnetic light wave to repel mosquitoes effectively.
  • Light wave coverage in between 530~590nm, effectively repel ≥80% of mosquitoes.
  • Product features: Non-toxic, smokeless, smelless, non-radiation, safe and reliable, save energy, harmless to human body and animals.
  • Effectively eliminates illness like Sars and etc spread by mosquitoes.
  • Different models of mosquito repellent lamps cover various effective radius, from 17m2 to 45m2.
  • Suitable for home use for lighting purpose and mosquitoes repellent purpose.
  • Appropriate for use in restaurant, offices, home, washrooms, garden, camping, outdoor, hospitals, schools and factory.

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