OEM Services

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STC provides OEM services for its customer; based on customers' requirements for product specification, packaging and others.

To achieve highest efficacy standard and meet the International requirements, STC adopts stringent International quality control standard to benchmark its production process and quality control. The core technology is imported from Japan/Taiwan. The QC and production process are managed by a team of senior technician and manager from Taiwan. Over the years, STC has been honoured with recognition from different customers all over the worlds for its stable product quality and trustworthy reputation.

STC is different from other manufacturers, because STC strongly believes only reliable quality and goodwill make a company survive for long, and that’s what STC aims to accomplish.

STC wishes to highlight that only the price which is feasible / realistic to produce the quality required will be quoted and all specification quoted will be guaranteed 100% achieve.

Quote at lower price than actual cost required to produce to attract customer attention is not the business method STC believes in.

Please feel free to contact us via shall you need further clarification or product catalogues.

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