Change your halogen light bulbs to LED light bulbs now

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Say No to halogen light bulb


Lifespan (Hours)
LED 30, 000
Halogen 1, 000 ~ 2, 000

Halogen 50W

Number of bulbs for 30,000 hours
Halogen 15

Electricity used for 30,000 hours
LED RM 33.30
Halogen RM 555.00

Product Cost
LED RM 82.00
Halogen RM 52.50 (RM 3.50 - normal price * 15 pieces)

TOTAL (Product Cost + Electricity Cost)
LED RM 115.30
Halogen RM 607.5

Your Saving over the life span of a LED Spot Light is:

RM 607.5 - RM 115.30 = RM 492.40 (Saving in term of value)

RM 492.40 / RM 115.30 = 4.27 * 100 = 427% (Saving in term of percentage)

STC High power LED lamps are compact, green and high efficiency lighting fixtures, ideal alternatives to conventional incandescent and CFL lamps. With LEDs from Cree and patented thermal control technology, the performance is excellent and quality is reliable. We offer you a complete range to cover every kind of professional/commercial usage requirements and also for high-end use at home.

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Free delivery to all shopping complex tenants in Klang Valley, Malaysia during promotion period: 1st Jan 2010 ~ 30th March 2010

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